The Meaning Behind Each Pride Flag Color and Design

There are many flags that represent pride. The meaning behind pride flags is based on their design, colors, and shapes. This list will give you a better understanding of what each pride flag represents! 


Rainbow Pride Flag

 The rainbow flag, the first of them all, is an extremely popular flag that is widely used in pride parades. Known as the flag for gay pride, this flag also represents all of the LGBT community as a whole. Each color of the rainbow represents an aspect of life.  

Red: Life
Orange: Healing:
Yellow: Sunlight
Green: Nature
Blue: Harmony
Purple: Spirit


Bisexual Pride Flag

The bisexual pride flag represents bisexual pride. There are three colors used here to represent two genders, male and female, with the purple color in the middle being intertwined as there's no limit on love. The pink and blue are literally overlapping, creating the purple.


Lesbian Flag


 The lesbian pride flag represents lesbian pride, or homosexuality of women. It is a beautiful flag consisting of seven different shades of red and pink! It almost looks like the perfect Valentine's Day Flag. The colors are thought to represent the femininity of women. There is also a butch pride flag towards the end of this list that represents a more masculine form of lesbianism. Keep reading to see it!


Transgender Pride Flag

The transgender pride flag is one of the prettiest flags, with blue on the top and bottom stripes, pink on the inner stripes, and white in the middle. It represents a woman transitioned into a man or a man transitioned into a woman.


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